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These 6 Food Items Are Banned In Many Countries Except India.

There Are Many Foods Which Are Banned In Different Parts of the World,’Kinder Joy’ Is Also Included In This List.

Samosa Is Banned In Somalia(Food items banned)

Many people’s faces glow when they hear the name of food. If you say food, the ultimate pleasure of life’s happiness.Sit down with someone who is a foodie and start discussing about the food you will feel like you are discussing a major issue of the country. Just see asking them once, “People live for food or eat to live.” Surely their answer will be, “Live for food”.

The special thing is that regarding food girls are more concerned. There are many weirdest foods from around the world which are unusual and can leave you in shock. The chocolate shop runs only by girls. Even they do not leave “Kinder Joy” chocolate that comes for the children.

But what would Happen, If we come to know that the things we are eating, are actually banned? There are many brands that have grown up with us but we are aware that these brands are banned in other countries except India.

Today we are going to tell you some food items that have been banned in different countries except India. Do not think too much. Read this Story.

1.Ackee Fruit:

Food items banned

‘Ackee’ fruit is originally native to West Africa. If you have eaten a ‘foreign tamarind’ in your childhood, then it is just like an ‘ackee’, Unripe ackee fruit contains a poison called hypoglycin that can lead to coma or death. It’s Jamaica’s national fruit. The only edible portion is the yellow arilli, which surround always-toxic black seeds. Therefore, it is banned in the US (United States) and many other countries.

2.Products Of Haldiram:

Food items banned

The Food and Drug Administration of USA has banned all the food items of Haldiram. These food items did not pass the test conducted on Haldiram biscuits, wafers and cookies.  In section 801(a)(3), Haldiram appears to be adulterated because it contains a pesticide chemical, which is in violation of section 402(a)(2)(B).

Nothing in today’s world can be considered as pure. Even we should not buy Packed juices. 

3. These Medicines Are Banned:

Food items banned

D-Cold, Vicks Action 500, Enteroquinol, Analgin, Syspride are some of the medicines whose names are heard in every home. These drugs are banned in many countries like US and Canada. Vicks VapoRub was banned in North America and many European countries as it is declared not good for health it can create Asthma, TB etc. WHO declared it as Toxic.