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World’s Famous ‘Floating markets’.

World’s Famous ‘Floating markets’. Kolkata also Have a Floating Market.

Two cities in India have ‘floating market’.

People go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables. In many places, a flea market is organized on a special day. Some people get vegetables on the street corner, while some go roaming on a street with a vegetable Bag.

This is the same thing in all these markets that they are on the ground. But in West Bengal’s capital Kolkata, people can now buy vegetables in water.

Floating Market
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Yes, you heard this absolutely right!

New Floating Market is built in Kolkata. This kind of market is not in any other metro city. This market, created in the eastern part of the city, is open to the general public in January 2018. In this market, vegetables, fruits, flowers, fish, meat, and poultry etc. are sold on boats.

Let me tell you that Kolkata is the first city with floating market. There are floating markets in other two cities in the country but such a market is not built anywhere. Now let’s talk about the world’s similar floating markets.

Floating Market
Floating Market

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More than 100 Shops

If you call shops, there will be about 114 boats in this market. Two shopkeepers will be able to sell their belongings on each boat. Wooden paths have been built in the middle to reach all the boats. The net will be used to remove vegetables, fish and other types of dirt from water.

Floating Market
Floating Market

Has been displaced

By creating this floating market, the market for the bypass has been shifted here. About 10 crore rupees have been spent on making the full market and arranging sewage. The market opens from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir

The famous market for hunting Dal lake also decorates the vegetable market in the lake. Years ago, the world’s attention on this market first came in 1960. There is no permanent shop in this lake. The annual Turnover of this market is close to Rs. 35 crores.

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Just two hours

Floating Market
Floating Market

It is very surprising that in the Dal Lake the vegetable market only takes place between 5-7am and the remaining vegetables are sold in the street market. In such a short time there is a lot of crowd of tourists.

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Floating Mall, Kerala

A complete mall is settled on the boat in Kerala. This market is made in the backwaters of the Kuttanad area. In this ‘Floating Triveni Super Store’ grains are sold at low prices.

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Beginning in 2009

Floating Market
Floating Market

This market is open from 8-6 a.m. Only 20 people can visit this boat at a time. This boat revolves around 53 villages.

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