Famous Stolen Art Works From Great Painters




stolen art works
Lucian Freud’s Francis Bacon

Stolen: 1988

Reward: 300,000 German Marks (£132,000)

As craftsmanship robberies go, the vanishing of Lucian Freud’s picture of Francis Bacon was surprising. For a long time there have been no bits of gossip or data about its area, though criminal groups normally anticipate a payoff before dropping insights. Freud outlined his own “needed” notice for the stolen picture, yet even this didn’t inspire a reaction. Rather, the picture is thought to have been taken from Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie by a Bacon fan or understudy, as the display was loaded with understudies at the time.stolen art works

Rembrandt, Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee

Stolen: 1990

Reward: £3.2 million

The Storm of the Sea of Galilee was one of the 13 works of art taken from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in America’s greatest workmanship burglary. Over 20 years after the fact, the FBI’s examination concerning the wrongdoing is still open, with a $5 million reward on offer for data prompting to finding the works of art in great condition.

A couple of criminals stole the craftsmanship subsequent to acting like cops and historical center watchmen permitted them passage. They figured out how to bind both watches on obligation and caught them in the storm cellar while they burglarized the display.stolen art works

Picasso, Le Pigeon aux petis pois

Stolen: 2010

Reward: Undisclosed

Tragically, it’s genuinely definitive that this Picasso is probably not going to re-rise. Soon after it was stolen from the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the cheat tossed it in a container which was exhausted before specialists educated of its substance. In the event that the canvas hasn’t been decimated, it has an exceptionally affluent proprietor out there some place – the work of art is worth more than £20 million at sale.stolen art works

Picasso’s Harlequin Head

Stolen: October 2012

Reward: Undisclosed

This 1971 piece by Picasso was taken in the previously mentioned Dutch Kunsthal Gallery burglary. It is not yet clear if the remaining parts of the artworks have been found in the slag.stolen art works

Jan Van Eyck’s The Just Judges from the Ghent Altarpiece

Stolen: 1934

Reward: Undisclosed – albeit one million Belgian francs (£21,300) were requested as a payoff.

This artwork was a piece of the Ghent Altarpiece at the Belgian city’s Saint Bavo Cathedral. It was precisely expelled from its boards amid the night in April 1934 and supplanted with a note: “Taken from Germany by the Treaty of Versaille”. A payment was requested yet the Bishop of Ghent declined to pay it, albeit facilitate negotations were made through letters later in 1934. At the point when the criminal was on his deathbed half a month later, he demanded that he would take the mystery of the perfect work of art’s area to his grave.

Cézanne’s View of Auvers-sur-Oise

Stolen: 2000

Reward: Undisclosed

As Oxford’s revelers were inviting in the Millenium, a criminal utilized the chance to break into the city’s Ashmolean Museum and take Cezanne’s depiction, View of Auvers-sur-Oise. The work of art is still unlocated, albeit no open reward has been offered for data.stolen art worksv

Raphael’s Portrait of a Young Man

Stolen: 1945

Reward: Undisclosed

The sixteenth century oil painting vanished toward the finish of World War II. In spite of the fact that the canvas was saved from the Czartoryski Museum,Kraków, in 1939, it was taken by the Gestapo to finish Hitler’s Berlin habitation. In 1945, senior Nazi authority Hans Frank took the artworks from the Führer’s accumulation to the regal Wawel Castle. It has not been seen since, aside from in mainstream culture references: Portrait of a Young Man has flown up in The Simpsons.

Caravaggio’s Nativity with St Francis and St Lawrence

Stolen: 1969

Reward: Undisclosed

Caravaggio’s Nativity hung in the Oratory of San Lorenzo in Palermo, Sicily, until 1969, when it was expelled from its casing and after that the congregation. The nearby Mafia are the prime suspects, in spite of the fact that the seventeenth century painting’s area stays obscure. There have been a few speculations about what transpired, be that as it may, including being decimated by rats and pigs in the wake of being covered up in a farmhouse. All the more as of late, a previous Mafia hitman-turned-source said it was singed in the Eighties.

Van Gogh’s Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuene

Stolen: 2002

Reward: £870,000

This artwork is one of two stolen from the Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in December 2002. Two cheats broke into the working through the rooftop, and figured out how to take Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Neunen and View of the Sea at Scheveningen in only a couple of minutes. Together, the works are thought to be worth £25 million. Albeit Dutch police indicted two men a year later, the works of art remain unrecovered.

stolen art works

Vermeer’s The Concert

Stolen: 1990

Reward: £3.2 million

This Vermeer painting was likewise a casualty of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum burglary. Esteemed at £130 million, it is thought to be the most profitable unrecovered stolen painting ever.