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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Made New Relations More Stronger With His New Invention

Now Find a blood donor easily on Facebook. New step by Facebook.

You must have seen people posting on different facebook groups or on their personal walls asking for Blood Donors whenever there is a requirement. So for this Facebook has taken an amazing initiative and now you might be noticing these days that “XYZ is now a Blood Donor on Facebook”. Facebook Blood Donation

It’s a big question to our society when we are in an urgent need of blood donor and we did not find one, how it feels to save the life of our loved ones.

Facebook Blood Donation:

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We do every possible thing to save his/her life.We approach our friends, share the need on WhatsApp, contacts hospitals but are these options really helping us out?

Facebook Blood Donation - Be a Blood donor on facebook

Facebook has already taken several steps to solve many social issues.Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook announced a new feature that would increase the blood donation in India.

It’s not just about India. There are different countries who are facing the same issues.Shortage of blood donors leads to the death of many people.

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According to a report by TOI, India has an annual need of 12 million units of blood which is backed up by 10 million units of annual collected blood. Though the figure of 2-3 million might not look like an issue, when we see it saving the lives of thousands of people, it is indeed a big deal.

Facebook has come out with a new feature to connect the potential donors with the people in need of blood.

Facebook Blood Donation

Facebook has worked with many NGOs, experts and organizations with information and tools to find blood donors when needed.

The blood donation camp started from 1st oct, National Blood Donor Day, People have already started participating in this noble cause and people are actively reacting on this.

Facebook Blood Donation
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