Facebook banned in pakistan

According to sources, it has been known that the officials of law enforcing agencies and Pakistan government have decided to shut down Facebook by 22nd March, 2017 in Pakistan.

The news had been afloat, since the blasphemous content took rise over social media in Pakistan. The blasphemous content was found damaging the image of our dear Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which is punishable with death according to the constitutional law in Pakistan.

Previously, respected High Court judge Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui also claimed that he would go to every possible end for the ban on these platforms. He further wanted to find all accused, who have posted blasphemous content online, and have their names enlisted in the Exit Control List. Thereby, all these individuals will be prohibited from leaving the country.

“I will go to every extent to bring this case to its logical end and if needed I will even ban social media in Pakistan,” he is reported to have said.

On account of the mentioned subject, I as a firm believer and citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan wholly support the ban on such pages and platforms that give rise to these topics. Any forum used to abuse and stand against Islam and our holy preaching shall not be given any sort of leverage.

NOTE: The information regarding the ban of social media links and site in Pakistan, spreading blasphemous content against Holy Prohpet Muhammad (PBUH), has been conveyed to you as received.

Let’s see whether this decision will be implemented or not. But as far as my personal opinion is concerned, being a Muslim and professional journalist, all these kinds of links should be blocked & removed and if unable to due to technical reasons, then the sites promoting these links should be banned immediately.

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