Expensive Mangalsutras Of Bollywood
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6 Expensive Mangalsutras Of Bollywood

4. Kajol

Expensive Mangalsutras Of Bollywood
Expensive Mangalsutras Of Bollywood

When Kajol was about to marry Ajay Devgan, some people raised the question that why Kajol is marrying less successful person than her? But Kajol did not care about the world, and in 1999, she tied the knot with Ajay.

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Ajay and Kajol were married to Marathi custom, in which Kajol wore a green sari. The Mangalsutra Kajol worn was Rs 21 lakhs.

5. Karishma Kapoor

Expensive Mangalsutras Of Bollywood
Expensive Mangalsutras Of Bollywood. Pic Courtesy- Justbollywood

Karisma Kapoor tied the knot with Sanjay Kapoor, a businessman on September 29, 2017. Sanjay had worn Karishma a Mangalasutra of Rs 17 lakh.

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6. Madhuri Dixit Nene

Dhak Dhak Girl Madhuri Dixit, when tied her knot with Dr. Shriram Nene in 1999, the hearts of millions of people in the country were broken. The price of Mangalasutra, worn by Madhuri, was Rs 8.5 lakh by Doctor Nene.

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