Dr Mashoor Gulati leaving ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’

According to a report published in The Quint, Sunil Grover’s close friend has confirmed this news.

It was reported that Kapil Sharma had manhandled Sunil Grover aka Dr Mashoor Gulati in front of all the passengers in the flight. Kapil Sharma insulted Sunil Grover by calling him his servant and a flop actor. While this incident has created a controversy, it is being reported that Sunil Grover has made up his mind to end his association with ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

According to the media reports, now Sunil is no mood to return to the show even if he gets a major hike.

Sunil Grover’s friend said.. “Sunil has not given a single statement about his conflict with Kapil Sharma in any newspaper, website or media platform. So whatever news we’ve seen of Sunil can be false. Sunil is contract-bound with Sony Entertainment which ends on April 23rd. Until then he will not speak about what really happened with Kapil in the flight. Sunil is asking for a fee hike to continue with The Kapil Sharma Show. Even if Sunil is offered twice he wouldn’t continue with the show. He has made up his mind to move on.”

His friend also said that.. “Sunil is quite stressed with the entire incident. He never expected Kapil to behave like this. Kapil Sharma shouts at his colleagues, taunts them and makes fun of them.”

Media platform individually couldn’t verify the authenticity of these reports. But if the media reports are to be believed, the other team members of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ too have decided to leave the show.

Kiku Sharda said in Kapil Sharma’s support.. “Kapil Sharma is a fine human being. I’ve been with him during the last few days. He made a huge mistake and he regrets it. He has even apologised for it. What more can he do?”

Kapil Sharma too has apologised on Twitter.

We wonder if this sad incident will bring an end of our favorate charactor Dr Mashoor Gulati or will Dr Mashoor Gulati will continue to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.