Dozens Of IOS apps Vulnerable to WiFi Snooping

Today users of IOS have increased seamlessly with that features of IOS. But we have found some IOS apps that are vulnerable to WiFi snooping.

Strafach the CEO of Apple got 24 iOS apps as having “medium risk.” Potentially unwanted information service like stealing login credentials and stealing session authentication tokens and even for users that are logged into the network. With that, the CEO also categorized rest of the apps as “High risk means completely harmful.” Carrying activities like financial info-stealing and medical log stealing.

Here is the attack that users are vulnerable to when using WiFi

Man-in-Middle Attack

You might know about this attack; this attack features a victim and server, whose conversation is intercepted by an attacker(ImageDepicts Below). This attack is used by many hackers and crackers to steal personal information of the user and iOS is especially vulnerable to these attacks. If you are a iOS user, you must be on your full security and must be active in protecting yourself from these attacks.

Here is the attack that users are vulnerable to when using WiFi

It’s a major issue that MiM Attack is active on iOS; the man-in-middle attack is an issue for the developer team of iOS. The CEO also informed about it that,”We’ve analyzed millions of apps, and it is a widespread problem.”. Notifying that,”It’s not the onlyiOS but Android too.”. The Apple developer team is working hard on it and is up on fixing the problem.


After analyzing the problem, there were several problems found on the task-in-hand of Apple Inc. Ltd. it was generally the coders. If the problem were addressed to them, they would run into a deep problem.

Coders were the only problem in the following issue and further.