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Donald Trump Jr. comes to the Rescue of Arizona motorist !

The eldest son of Donald Trump unexpextedly made a stop for helping a stuck motorist. This happened when he was going throgh mesa from one event to another.

The chairman of Maricopa County Republican Party ‘Tyler Bowyer’ made a post on Facebook which was “We were on our way from a rally to another event and Donald Trump Jr. hopped out first to help push this lady’s car off the road, get some water and call for help, Needless to say, she was pretty surprised to find out it was Donald Trump Jr. pushing her car”. There was a video along with this post.

Trump Jr and two other people can be seen pushing an Ampala out of the streen in the video. There was another post by Boywer in which  a photo of Trump Jr. with a smiling woman in front of the Impala is shown.

The video got more than 400 shares in just 40 minutes .

She also made a tweet about this