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MS Dhoni Stunned Everyone with his Reply To Ajit Agarkar’s Comment

MS Dhoni Stunned Everyone with his Stunning Reply To Ajit Agarkar’s Comment, Proves He is The Best.

Dhoni responds to calls for his ouster from India’s T20 Team.(MS Dhoni Reply To Ajit Agarkar)

Ajit Agarkar, a former Indian cricketer made the suggestion that MS Dhoni should retire from T20I cricket. Former players like Ajit Agarkar, VVS Laxman, and Aakash Chopra are of the opinion that Dhoni should make way for younger players in T20 cricket.

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MS Dhoni Reply To Ajit Agarkar

Agarkar said while speaking to ESPNcricinfo.com:

“I think India must now look at other options, at least in T20Is. In one-day cricket, they seem to be happy with the role that he is playing. When you were the captain of the side, it was different. But just as a batsman, will India miss him, I don’t think so. In T20 cricket, it is lot easier to make that transition as there is lot of experience in that team apart from MS Dhoni now,”

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MS Dhoni is one of the most loved Indian Cricketer who has created a special place in everybody’s heart. Agarkar’s comment was not loved by Dhoni’s massive army of fans.

Agarkar was trolled by the fans on social media and even Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri spoke and criticised all those who asked for Dhoni’s retirement.

MS Dhoni Reply To Ajit Agarkar

This is what Virat Kohli said on Dhoni’s Retirement:(Dhoni Reply To Ajit Agarkar)

“I don’t understand why people are pointing him (Dhoni) out. If I fail as a batsman three times, no one is going to point fingers at me because I am not over 35,” Kohli’s sarcastic jibe at the post-match media conference was not lost on anyone”.

“The guy is fit, he is passing all the tests. He is contributing to the team in every tactical way on the field. With the bat, he did really well against Sri Lanka (away series) and Australia,” the skipper reminded everyone,” Virat Kohli said during a press conference after the T20I series against New Zealand.

But Dhoni First time opens up about his recent criticism made by Ajit Agarkar.

“Everybody has views in life and it should be respected,” Dhoni was quoted as saying by The Khaleej Times.

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“It is representing the country which is the best motivation for me because we play cricket for only a span of time. You can play for one year to 15 years, some play 20 years, but in the lifespan, let’s say you live for 70 years, 10 to 15 years is nothing and that’s the only time you can proudly say that I’m representing my country. The biggest motivation is being part of the Indian cricket team.”

Pic Courtesy: IndiaTV.com

The Former Indian Cricket further went to explain how important Indian Team is for him. He concluded by saying that he never plays for himself but he plays for the entire Indian Team.(Dhoni Reply To Ajit Agarkar)

“I always feel you have to believe in your abilities and out of the 10 games, if you are winning six or seven that way, then it is the right thing to do. And I’ve always believed in the fact that process is more important than the result, so, I’ve not thought about the result, I’ve always thought about what is the right thing to do at that time, when it is 10 runs needed, 14 runs needed or five runs needed. So, I’ve always been engrossed in the process that I never took that burden of what if the result doesn’t go my way. At the end of the day, once the match gets over, if I look into the mirror and honestly say that I tried my best, then I can accept the result,” said Dhoni

“It is something that I learned while playing tennis ball cricket on the roads and gullies of India. It is a difficult one and I used to play it in tennis ball cricket but I realized it is very difficult to implement it in a proper cricket game. The reason being, in tennis ball cricket, when you hit from the toe of the bat, the ball travels a lot but in this, you can’t and you have to hit the middle part of the bat. So, I did a bit of work on that and eventually, it fell into place and I started playing that shot,” concluded Dhoni.

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