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Dead Rats Found In Mid-Day Meal, 9 Kids Hospitalised In Delhi

Nine students of a federal government institution in Delhi were hospitalized on Thursday night after eating mid-day meals where deceased rats were allegedly found. Education Minister Manish Sisodia said an FIR would be lodged from the mid-day meal company plus they would be blacklisted.

Sisodia, along with Directorate of Education (DoE) Director Saumya Gupta, seen the Madan Mohan Malviya Medical center in Malviya Nagar on Thursday night evening to be sure of the students, and said these were doing alright. The agency — Jan Chetna Jagriti & Shaikshanik Vikas supplies food to the institution.

On Thursday night at the federal government Young boys Mature Extra College in Deoli the event occurred around 4 pm.

“There was aloo puri on the menu today. While the food was being served, two rats found their way into the sabzi given to some children from classes VI-VIII. Teachers found the rats and raised an alarm. Some of the students began to feel sick and were eventually taken to the hospital. We then informed police,”  a teacher said.

A college management committee member said one rat was disposed of as the other was maintained for inspection. However, an older DoE standard said, “It really is suspected that only 1 rate was within the mid-day food and we’ve directed it for assessment. Four children have complained of vomiting, while some have a belly ache.”

Dead Rats Found In Mid-Day Meal, 9 Kids Hospitalised In Delhi

Options said the students would be placed for guidance instantaneously, and a show cause notice would be delivered to the supplier. “Once it’s verified that it was a rat, rigorous action will be considered,” said a DoE public.

Responding to the occurrence, Sisodia, in a group of tweets, said, “Such great neglect in matters associated with children will never be tolerated. Tomorrow from, mid-day meals will be prepared in the occurrence of our officers.”

However, arguing that tweets weren’t enough, the All India Visitor Teachers Association chief executive, Praveen Tobaria, demanded Sisodia’s resignation. “The minister didn’t even go to the university and he feels tweets are enough. Tomorrow we are protesting beyond your institution at 2 pm,” he said.

Dead Rats Found In Mid-Day Meal, 9 Kids Hospitalised In Delhi