Couple Went Court To Get a Divorce
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Couple Went Court To Get a Divorce, But Court offers 3 nights in the hotel.

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Couple Went Court To Get a Divorce, But Court offers 3 nights in the hotel. What Happened Next Will Surprise You!

The problem of separation and family breakdown is increasing day by day in India. Thousands of divorce cases are still pending in the court. But there is a strange case that came to light, One Couple Went Court To Get a Divorce but the judge handed over the rupees to the couple and reconcile them. Not only that, the judge also gave them money to stay in the 5 star hotel.

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Couple Went Court To Get a Divorce
Couple Went Court To Get a Divorce

The case is from Birbhum district of West Bengal. Where a young man Gautam Das and the young woman Ahana fell in love with each other. The relationship between both of them was very good, so both of them decided to get married.

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Gautam Das and Ahana got married in 2016 and after a few months of marriage, both of them started having problems and the woman moved to her father’s house in August 2017. On 4th January 2018, the family members of Ahana registered a complaint of dowry and harassment against Gautam and his family members.  Women must do these things in the morning just after waking up to keep the happiness with them and in the family

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When the matter came to the court, the judge did something that made everyone shocked. The judge said that for a few days, the two families should stay together in the hotel, and everything would be fine. On this, the lady said that they don’t have money, then the judge gifted the couple and the two families stay together in a 5-star hotel for 3 days, for which the judge himself gave the money.

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You must be shocked!! Right? This happens only in India!

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