Clinton campaign jolted as FBI to search more emails !


There is a new jolt to Clinton’s campaign as the director of FBI James Comey gave an October Surprise.

Just a few days before presidential election, Comey made an announcement thay have got some new emails and threy are being investigated whether they are useful for the investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified information.
Here is everything that you should now that might affect Clinton, Donald and elections :-

Reason of this ?

All this starts when FBI start investigating Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former New York congressman who was alleged over the summer exchanging lewd and sexually suggestive messages with a young girl.
Huma Abedin who the adviser of Clinton is the estranged wife of Weiner. And between all these FBI discovered Abedin’s emails in the computer of Weiner– and it showed that email transfrred throuhg Clinton’s server.
It was enough to lead FBI Director James Comey to conclude the emails would need to be reviewed to see if he’d need to reopen the investigation.


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