No chips or Cold drinks in Cigarettes shop
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Cigaratte Shops not allowed to sell chips, soft drinks,other non-tobacco products

Cigarette Shops are not allowed to sell chips, Candies, soft drinks, other non-tobacco products, Government plans to ban Smoking.

Cigarettes Shops banned from selling non-tobacco products.

Cigarettes Shops banned from selling non-tobacco products

This step is taken to stop the use of tobacco by the young children. Government plans to stop cigarette shops from selling candies, soft drinks or any other non-tobacco products.

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The health ministry had on September 21sent letters asking state governments to develop a mechanism by which shops will need permission from municipal authorities to sell tobacco products.

Youngsters get easily attracted towards the tobacco products.Every fifth Indian adult is addicted to khaini, gutka, and cigarettes.The report further says that 40 percent of cases of cancer are related to smoking.Therefore Government plans to ban smoking.

Now this will create hindrance in shops selling tobacco to ban the sale of non-tobacco products.

“The idea is to track every single shop selling tobacco products by making them register with the local municipal authority. Government should be able to identify all cigarette shops running anywhere in the country,”.

Cigarettes Shops banned from selling non-tobacco products:

The report quoted Arun Jha, economic advisor to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

He said:

the sale of tobacco products to minors must be tracked and there should be no advertisements of the said products. most of the states have reacted positively to the letter, he added.

According to the report of World-health organization released in 2015, a million death has occurred in past few years because of addiction to tobacco use.

Therefore Government took this salient step to reduce the use of tobacco that could have an adverse effect on health.

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