Chance To Get out On An Art Treasure Hunt With Miami Free Art Fridays !


Imagine yourself roaming around Washington Avenue in Miami Beach on a pleasant evening of Friday and suddenly you see a beautiful portrait of a freckled young woman with tousled strawberry blonde hair, full rosy lips and a magnetic stage, peeking out of a bush and held after planning between two palm trees. You wonder if you can have that painting, and after holding it, you notice a bright yellow sticker having a message for you.

The sticker says “I’m yours to keep,”

You are now the owner of that piece of art and hang it on your living room wall.


You don’t know but you are now the part of Free Art Fridays movement, which has rapidly made its way into Miami.
This is an interesting ‘art game’ in which local artists and art fans cantake part in a scavenger hunt every Friday. During this artists are hiding their work all over the city, and the one who finds it becomes the owner of it. The clue is given by the artist on a Facebook page, with over 6,000 Miami-based members; the one who reaches there first is the lucky one.


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