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Richard Sherman says ‘If the NFL had its way, we would all be robots’

Richard Sherman blamed the NFL of putting efforts to take the fun out of professional football, and made a suggestion that TV ratings will continiously go down if the league continues on a quest to transform players into “robots”. Sherman wrote in an amusing yet acerbic piece in the Players’ Tribune on Thursday that the […]


According To A Memo, Bill Clinton’s wealth was tied to Clinton Foundation !

A memo of 2011 says,  an aide to Bill Clinton laid out the messy relationship between the Clinton Foundation and his own  personal interests, detailing how few of donors of foundation also gave money to Clinton to speak and provide consulting services. On Wednesday, the release of the memo was made as component of a Wikileaks dump […]


War Declared By Reddit Users On Clinton’s Paid Internet Trolls !

The anger among Reddit users (also known as redditors) is  growing increasingly  at pro-Hillary Clinton political Action comittee Correct The Record over it’s actions which were made to promote a pro-Hillary narrative on the Internet. The main concern among reddit users is that Correct The Record’s paid internet commenters are suppressing revelations from WikiLeaks’ release of Clinton […]