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7 Best Bachelorette Destinations in India for the lovely Bride-to-be

7 Best Ultimate Bachelorette party destinations in India for the lovely Bride-to-be. Beautiful, ultimate and safe Bachelorette party destination in India for the Bride-to-be. Marriage is a very special feeling for every girl as their new life starts from here. A Bachelorette party trip is the last trip in every girl’s life as it is […]


Incredible rotating hotel ‘beyond star rating’ planned for Dubai, It will Rotate Each Floor Individually

Property programmers in Dubai are organizing an epic rotating skyscraper hotel with the capacity of allowing friends to choose their views. Plus they believe that the beautiful building could be completed in 2020. The “Dynamic Tower,” was initially suggested by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher in 2008. The Dynamic Tower will be 1,375 feet tall, and […]