Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo
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Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo Of Her Toddler.

Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo Of Her Toddler. The Reason Will Shock You.

Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo
Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo

Sometimes, Sharing your personal life on social media can get you into trouble. The same thing happened with Jordyn. Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo of her kid.

So come let’s know what happened that leads to slamming of the Blogger.

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It was 5.50 pm. Jordyn with her fiance, their children, and their dog was on the beach in the afternoon. Like the normal day they were packing up and Jordyn was changing her two-year-old daughter, Winter, out of her soaked swimmers when she fell onto the sand.

Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo
Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo. Jordyn with her daughter

Jordyn daughter, winter laughed and strolled down to the water to wash the sand off her hands. As the kid made her way back up the beach, the 23-year-old from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast realized just how picturesque the scene was with the sun setting behind her daughter. So she clicked a photo, applied some filters and trifled with the tones, and shared it on Instagram before bed.

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Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo On Instagram.

She couldn’t even imagine what would be waiting for her when she woke up. The next morning when she woke up, she saw notifications on her Instagram profile that her photo of Winter had been removed for breaching community guidelines.

Not because winter was nude or exposed her bod. But because of the color of her skin, and her ‘apparent’ lack of sun protection.

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“While I had so many positive messages of support, I received comments and messages saying they were reporting the photo and it’s disgusting that I think my daughter should be that color or that brown,” Jordyn, also mum to five-month-old Wilde, told Mamamia.

“They couldn’t believe I’d let my daughter’s skin get to that color, that she looked burnt to a crisp and her skin is so dark it’s not normal, that she’ll look 40 at four. People were calling me a horrible mother and an anorexic c-word.

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“I just thought it was a gorgeous photo of an innocent child on the beach – I never expected to get hate, it was a shock.”

Blogger Was Slammed After Posting a Photo
The original photo was removed from the Instagram. This is the screenshot of the photo posted by Jordyn.

Jordyn contacted Instagram to counter the breach of guidelines and is yet to receive a reply. But what concerned her more than the photo being removed was just how comfortable people seemed to send her and her daughter vile, judgemental comments.

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“I do get some negative message, have been called every name under the sun. It was me ignore it and move on, but when it comes to my children… she’s a two-year-old who can’t defend herself,” she said.