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Beyhadh’s Maya aka Jennifer Winget Goes Bald For The Show! Check Out The Pictures

The TV show Beyhadh is loved by everyone for its twists and turns. If you regularly watch the show then you might know how the show is. When the first promo of the show was released, all were impressed by Jennifer Winget’s role. She is so gorgeous and has been inspiring the sense of the style.

Jennifer has been praised for her playing her role so well and now she is back with a new surprise for us. As in the show she is dead, but now she will return to the show but this time she will be seen in her new avatar.

Jennifer Winget’s Maya goes bald

She will be in the character of Maya but she will go bald. If you are thinking she has sacrificed her beautiful hair then-No. She will wear a wig which looks like.

The pictures of her “Bald Look” have gone viral and she is dressed in white. It is said that she will play a role of the widow. On the show, we will see her “Mundan”.

According to the reports, “The Leap episode will show how Maya was saved by the saints and brought to an ashram. Surrounded by children, Maya recalls the day she lost her own child and begins to hold Arjun responsible for his attempt to kill her. It will lead her to shave off her head and avenge her death.”

This part will be more exciting to watch. Check out some of her photos in Bald look.

Jennifer Winget uploaded her picture on Instagram.

The Other one.

Jennifer Winget’s Maya goes bald