These Are The Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels In The World! Must Visit Once

Beautiful Tree Tunnels In The World!

You might be thinking what is Tree Tunnel? It is a tunnel which has trees on both the side and forms a tunnel like a shape. We came across these tunnel in botanical gardens and green parks. There are extremely romantic and the most beautiful tree tunnels in the world which are made with flowering trees with light splitting through the gaps on the branches.

If you go for a romantic walk on this magical lane with your partner then you will have the best memory ever. Because of their beautiful scene that they have. It is shown in few movies like True Detective, Django Unchained or even popular TV series Games Of Thrones. Some of them have become marriage sites, tourist spots, lovers’ points and even holy spots for seeking Heavenly blessing.

Here are the most beautiful tree tunnels you need to walk through once in your life.

     Beautiful Tree Tunnels In The World!

1. Tunnel Of Love

Tunnel Of Love

This tunnel is so romantic. This tunnel is also a railway tunnel from which the goods train passes by three times a day. From past years, this tunnel has become a popular spot for pre-wedding photo shoots. Couples come here for post engagement snaps.

Location – KlevanUkraine

2. Wisteria Tunnel 

Wisteria Tunnel

Wisteria is a landmark of Japan. This tunnel is made by a man where cylindrical lattice has been used. April and May are the best time to visit this place when the cherry tree festival organized the different colors of Wisteria blossom.

Location – Kitakyushu, Japan

3. Jacarandas Walk 

Jacarandas Walk

In this lane, there are more than 49 spices of Jacaranda trees present. This tunnel is in Johannesburg and it has the largest man-made forest. In this tunnel, there are more than 70 thousand trees.

Location – Johannesburg, South Africa

4. The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges

This place has been painted by few famous painters. This place was even shown in the episodes of Game Of Thrones. The Dark Hedges is a haunted place by the spirit of a lady at the time of sunset. Then also it is the popular spot for photography.

Location – County AntrimIreland

5. Bamboo Path

Bamboo Path

The bamboo path is 500 meters long and is also beautiful. When the wind blows we can hear a beautiful sound at the place. Even in hot summers, this place is so cool. It has the collection of bamboo trees.

Location – Arashiyama, Japan

6. Central Park

Beautiful Tree Tunnels

The Central Park is popularly called as THE MALL as it gives you the same joy when you visit a Mall. It is different in all the season and in Winter it turns completely white. In Spring brownish-yellow.

Location – New York, United States

If you have tried to visit usual seas, mountains and monuments at different places then you better visit these tunnel with your partner.

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