Australian journalist Dennis Freedman Insults Indian Flag
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Australian Journalist slammed by Indian Fans for abusing Indian Flag

Australian Journalist-Dennis Fredman slammed by Indian Fans for abusing Indian Flag.

In a recent news, Australian Journalist- Dennis Fredman took on Twitter to slam and abuse Indian Flag.(Australian Journalist slammed by Indian Fans)

Australian journalist Dennis Freedman sparks on social media war after insulting Indian map on Twitter. Twitterati goes Crazy.-(Australian Journalist slammed by Indian Fans)

A very renowned Cricket Reporter or Journalist Dennis Freedman has sparked a new controversy after he shared a recent post on Twitter, Insulting Indian Flag.

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See the tweet made by him:

A mini-war started on social media after his tweet.Here is the reaction of the public:

It seems the relationship between Indian team and Australian Media is going worst day by day.Dennis uploaded an image of an Indian Map where Jammu and Kashmir were missing.

Australian Journalist slammed by Indian Fans
Australian Reporter insults Indian Flag

This is not the first time Dennis has gone down to this level and insulted India.Earlier this month on September 12, Dennis had tried to troll Indian skipper Virat Kohli by calling him a ‘Sweeper’.The writer posted a picture of Virat with a broom in his hand and captioned it as,

“Sweepers clean the stadium in readiness for the World XI match”.

His reference to the Indian skipper as a sweeper angered Indian cricket fans including veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh, who defended Kohli and called Dennis “a stupid guy.”

After reading this tweet all Indian fans went mad and crazy on the journalist. Harbhajan Singh turned out supporting his friend Virat Kohli by calling Dennis  “a stupid guy.”

Some fans even posted this on twitter:

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