Apple’s New Macbooks Launched : Amazing But Expensive !

Apple Says hello again. Last night Apple launched the New and better MacBook Pro laptops.

They launched 3 machines:

1) MacBook Pro 15, with a 15-inch screen.

2) MacBook pro 13 with a 13-inch screen

3) MacBook 13 (No Touch Bar), which too has the 13-inch screen but lacks the fancy — and seemingly super useful — touchscreen keys that other two laptops have.


MacBook Pros Pros are amazing! although they have some issues as well,issues that may even turn out to be deal-breakers for some consumers. But overall, these are solid updates to the MacBooks. Some of the key Features are :-

The Main big change which has been updated is that its more compact now. Its slimmer & lighter just like MacBook Air. All of this matters when you use the laptop. Due to more compact size its easy to carry and use and so the results are phenomal! Great update Mac!


Then there are some hardware changes like the sixth generation chip & Better graphic card

Screen has more brightness & better contrast. Colours are also improved.

And the Huge change is in the keyboard ! In the Addition of the Touch Bar, there is an OLED strip that occupies the slots earlier taken by the function keys on the keyboard. thea way that function keys are still there But they are now touch sensitive and they only appear if you want them to be there. Sounds amazinh right? Also This whole touchscreen strip is customisable. Well done apple!