Will the IPHONE 8 make its debut, finally? Know that you don't know about the new IPHONE 8. IPHONE 8 amazing storage capacity and its launch date.

iphone 8 new look

Apple will launch the new iPHONE 8 on 12th September 2017.(iPHONE 8 launch)

Apple has been holding the launch of the new iphone 8 on September 12, during which the company is reported to unveil the new features of the iphone 8.

According to the Wall street journal , the company has not confirmed any plans . But it is rumored that that they will revel the new iPHONE 8 and update the IPHONE 7 models.

Also it is rumoured that Apple iPhone 8 will have bigger battery.

IPHONE 8 will be larger, more expensive and will include edge-to edge display, facial recognition technology.

IPHONE 8 wireless charging

After years of struggling with the normal storage capacity. And those annoying “no more storage” notifications , when we want to download a song .Apple will debut a larger storage option for the new Apple iPHONE 8 ( thank god!).

You can now take endless selfies and download all those lovely songs and not care about the storage problem.

Look at these best  summer songs – you might wanna download them in your new IPHONE.The new IPHONE was originally rumored to come in two sizes- 64GB and 256GB.

But now it is being said that the new IPHONE will serve a 512GB storage as well.

It’s good news that the IPHONE’S are doubling up their storage space , because those “no storage space” notifications were hell annoying . Now we don’t have to make a nerve wrecking choice between deleting amazing apps or those 3 years worth of selfies.

Right now, the latest iphone 7 starts up for $649 for 32GB. But we already know that the new IPHONE is going to cost so much more.

According to the reports, The next iPHONE will cost $999 approx. We might had to sell our kidney this time for sure ( kidding ).

For now it is unclear that this $999 price is for the smallest storage size . If so, then we’ll have to spend a lot lot more for that amazing 512GB model. DAMN!

Besides the fact that this new apple device will cost you same as your laptop , but it is being said that the device has new features.

iphone 8 face recoginition

It will come with facial recognition as a feature to unlock the phone, wireless charging and an all-screen front.

According to the investor statement, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo boasts that the new iPhone 8 will ditch the house button totally and adopt a fresh “function area” in the bottom of the phone.

iphone 8 under display home button


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