Amy Jackson To File Complaint To London And Mumbai Police!

Amy Jackson who is Salman Khan’s good friend is not the first celebrity who has gone through this. It is said that recently a man was arrested for hacking Kareena Kapoor Khan’s IT account.

Amy Jackson To File Complaint To London And Mumbai Police!

The ‘I’ celebrity, Amy Jackson was recently in the news, headlines to be victimized. But what actually happened ?

Amy Jackson To File Complaint To London And Mumbai Police!
Well! The celebrity was a sufferer of cyber offense when her phone was hacked. The celebrity’ personal pictures were leaked and were placed on the Internet. Reviews claim that the celebrity is highly annoyed with the event and will address the cyber cell in London as well as in Mumbai.

It is said that Amy Jackson has been to a mobile store in Mumbai when she arrived at Metropolis to have a connecting flight to Chennai to shoot for her next film 2.0 with Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth. Reports say that her phone got hacked at the store her pictures started getting saved in the cloud storage. Later when Amy visited London, she discovered that she couldn’t access a lot of her pictures and that lots of the non-public pictures have been leaked on the Internet.

Then Amy Jackson realized that her mobile phone is hacked. When she was asked about any of it, this is exactly what she had to say. “I was stunned when this occurred. This is not a trivial subject and should be taken up critically. I will enroll a problem with the cyber criminal offenses cell in London and ensure the hackers are taken up to the task. Cyber protection is the necessity of the entire hour.”


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