The Airtel 4G Girl’s new video “Besharam” will rock and shock you


This 4G Girl has now come up with ‘Besharam’ Style, Seen In Bold Avatar In Music Video.

Sasha is not less than Honey Singh! Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam will Blow Your Mind.

Jahan na pahunche Ravi, Vahaan pahunche Kavi aur jahan na pahunche Kavi vahaan pahunche this Airtel Girl! Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam will leave you stunned.

However, her name is Sasha Chhetri, but perhaps like us, you also know her as Airtel 4G Girl. She is the same girl who was seen in the poster of Airtel on the recharge shop. After that, Airtel’s Ad ruled all over India, from village to village and City too. Because of her cute face, the Airtel Ad was loved so much. Airtel is the best network in terms of Connection, Internet, and connectivity. With its unlimited free Internet and Call packages, it has just grabbed the market of all other network services. Recently Reliance Jio has announced its new 4G Phone Which is Effectively Free.

As soon as she got famous, She came to the target of the trollers. They trolled her fiercely on social media. Because of this, those who did not watch the TV also started to know her. For a long time, the Airtel 4G Girl had disappeared, but now she has come back strongly through a ‘dangerous’ music album. The name of the album is ‘Riksharani’ in which it is almost impossible to identify her.

As soon as the video go viral, people again started trolling her on social media through their comments. Many of them even called her next ‘Dhinkchak Pooja’. Dhinkchak Pooja New Song ‘Bapu Dede Thoda Cash’ has created a buzz on Social Media and Now this Riksharani.

In Ad she used to look like this :

Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam
Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam

Take a look at the old picture of Sasha before watching the song. So that it is convenient to combine the all-new her.

Instagram photos went viral

Airtel 4G Girl new video Riksharani

Sasha is quite active on Instagram. She has around 30,000 followers. The photos posted by her on Instagram were quite viral. She was trolled for many news. You can check out these Hidden Dirty Secrets Of The Bollywood Stars.

She is also seen on Femina’s Cover Page:

Airtel Ad Girl New Video
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Sasha Chettri new video song

Sasha Chettri Besharam Video
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On the cover of Femina India, Sasha was seen with Aditi Rao Hydari and Swara Bhaskar.

News Of Affair :

Airtel 4G Girl New Video Song

Sasha has been seen with Bollywood singer Sachin Gupta on many occasions. Discussions of their affair were loud in the media some time ago. Dhinkchak Pooja was also in news because of her affair with a Boy who stays in Chicago.

Look at Sasha’s Transformation Music Video

‘Riksharani’ has arrived to create a Party Environment

Sasha Chetri Riksharani Video song
Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam

To make the New Year party spicier, ‘Riksharani’ has come with its first single. The title of the song is ‘Besharam’. Her video made everyone go crazy. Some trolled her for the lyrics, some called her Dhinkchak Pooja Part 2. Recently Milind Soman also got trolled for dating an 18-year-old Girl.

Sasha is looking very beautiful with long hair

Airtel Girl New Besharam Song

In this video, Sasha is seen in long hair and her hair has increased her beauty. She is looking stunning in her new transformation.

Sasha is the song composer

Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam
Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam

The composer and singer of this song is Sasha and they have written lyrics with Vaayu. Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam will blow your mind. You can even check out these unforgettable evergreen songs of 2016.

Airtel 4G Girl new video Besharam and Her moves are Just Mind-Blogging:

Airtel 4G Girl

Sasha is also seen dancing in the video of the song. These cute dance moves of Sasha will make you go crazy.

This Song will blow your senses:

Sasha Chettri Besharam song

In terms of boldness in the rap, Sasha has left Honey Singh and Badshah behind. After listening to her rap, you will say the same.

Cant Believe? Watch The Video Below:


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