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Shocking! Actors Who Faced Casting Couch.

Not only Bollywood Beauties, these Heroes are also victims of the Casting Couch. Here is the list of Actors who faced Casting Couch.

Bollywood Dirty secrets- Actors Who Faced Casting Couch.

The world of glamor looks so happening and luxurious. Therefore everyone dreams of making their career in Bollywood Industry. These are the naive people who run behind their dreams but they do not understand how much they can pay for getting their dreams. Actors who faced Casting Couch. There are also Dirty secrets of Bollywood that you must not be knowing.

Many times it has been reported about Bollywood actresses that in order to get a role in the film, an actress had to be a victim of a casting couch. But we refuse to say these things at the earliest. But you do not believe it, but in the world behind the silver screen, not only actresses but actors also have to face casting couch.

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Recently, Daily Soap Queen and Balaji Production House’s owner Ekta Kapoor gave a fire on the casting couch and again gave the issue a fire. Let’s know the whole thing.

Statement on Sexual Harassment

Indian film and television producer Ekta Kapoor had reached a news channel program with Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur. During this time, they were asked, ‘Is there any Harvey Winston in Bollywood too’, Ekta said on this, ‘Yes, in Bollywood also, there is Harvey Weinstein, about whom people do not talk about.’

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1. Ekta Said:

Actors Who Faced Casting Couch
Ekta Kapoor- Actors Who Faced Casting Couch Pic Courtesy- India TV

In the past, a case of sexual harassment has surfaced against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Ekta said, ‘There are many powerful producers in Bollywood who exploit people by taking advantage of their position, but there are also many artists who try to get work using their sexuality.’

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2. Jitendra accuses of sexual harassment

Actors Who Faced Casting Couch
Actors Who Faced Casting Couch

Ekta further stated that recently her father and well-known actor Jeetendra had also accused a relative of sexual harassment. This relative filed a report alleging sexual harassment after 47 years of the incident. But this allegation was rejected at the earliest.

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3. Casting Couch with Bollywood Actors

If somebody thinks that only girls have to face incidents like casting couch. So let us tell you that there are many actors in Bollywood who have to face casting couch. But today, on the strength of their hard work and talent, they have established themselves.

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4. Ranveer Singh

Actors Who Faced Casting Couch
Ranveer Singh-Actors Who Faced Casting Couch

Allauddin Khilji of Bollywood, Ranvir Singh, had told how the casting couch forced them to do wrong things. Ranvir said, ‘A man called me at his house in Andheri, I had made a great portfolio but he did not even see that. He said,’ You have to be smart and have to be sexy. Then I was stunned after hearing this’.

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