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8-Month-Old Allegedly Raped By 28-Year-Old Cousin

8-Month-Old Allegedly Raped By 28-Year-Old Cousin In Delhi.

The accused confessed the crime to the police. 8-Month-Old Allegedly Raped By 28-Year-Old Cousin.

It’s not the first time we are hearing about the child abuse. Its a big shame on people, who uses poor innocent children to satisfy their sexual needs. How can anyone even dare to rape an 8-month-old baby? What’s wrong with the society? In last one year, we have come across many rape cases but no strict actions have been taken.

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8-Month-Old Allegedly Raped By 28-Year-Old Cousin
8-Month-Old Allegedly Raped By 28-Year-Old Cousin. Pic Courtesy- India TV

An 8-month-old baby was allegedly raped by her 28-year-old cousin in Delhi. The condition of the baby is now stable after undergoing a surgery for 3 hours.

The 28-year-old confessed to raping the baby girl under the influence of alcohol.

On Sunday evening, mother found the baby covered with blood and rushed to the hospital. The baby’s condition was very critical. But the news that left everyone in shock was that, She Was Raped!

Police said:

“The child had suffered severe injuries to her vital organs and was on ventilator support at Kalawati Saran Hospital

The infant’s parents used to go out to work. The parents used to leave their baby with their sister-in-law to take care of her. Since it was Sunday, sister-in-law’s son was at home. He is unmarried. He took the baby away by saying that he wants to play with her.

When he saw the child’s baby is not around, he forced himself upon her and brutally raped her.

Around 12.30 pm, the child’s mother who works as a maid returned home after work found her daughter wrapped in blood stains and immediately informed her husband.

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The baby was rushed to the hospital where they came to know that their daughter has been raped and immediately informed the Police.

The case has been registered against the accused.

Police said a case is filed against the accused under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences or POCSO and other sections of Indian Penal code. A medical examination has confirmed rape.

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