8 Best Tips To Lose Weight Instantly – Instant Weight Lose Facts

With all the magic pills/powder/diets/drinks available for instant weight loss , lets look at some basic facts that will surely give you results without compromising your health.

Lose Weight Instantly
Lose Weight Instantly

How To Lose Weight Instantly – Instant Weight Lose Facts

8 Best Tips To Lose Weight Instantly

lose weight instantly
From fat to “fit’

With so many “get lean” and lose “10 kgs in a week” schemes out there, its easy to fall for any one of the the methods to lose weight instantly. But , even with the extreme plans that work for a little while are bound to get you into trouble. Lose weight instantly!

THE REALITY : If you really want to lose weight instantly , you have to make some health changes and lifestyle changes .


Here are some great facts that will give you the results you want ; without compromising your health.

  1. No “dieting”

The good news is that if you really want to lose weight instantly you don’t have to diet . Going on a diet means restricting your self and consuming little. This might help you lose weight but it will leave you feeling weak and dizzy. Some people think that if they can diet until the lose just the weight then they’ll be fine . But these results are temporary and negative.

 2. Hydrate

No matter what you eat or how much you workout , drink lots of water. The best way to lose weight instantly is to hydrate yourself as much as you can . Drinking water will help you balance the sweat lose during the workout. It will leave you with glowing skin and help maintain the balance in the body.

3. Always think “Quality”

lose weight instantly

You should accept the fact that calories COUNT . One pound of fat equals 3500 calories, similarly one kg of fact equals 1100 calories . So, in order to lose a kg per week you have to reduce the calorie intake my 200. This doesn’t mean that you count every bite you take in your mouth. Rather the focus should be on calorie density versus nutrient density.

4. Eat the best food for instant weight loss.

lose weight instantly

  • FRUITS: Fruits are a great choice to replace all the junk , they make your stomach feel full . Though some fruits are higher in sugar but the fiber content tends to cancel out the sugar.
  • VEGETABLES: are nutrient dense , specially those with color , like green leafy vegetable (broccoli) . They are also richin fiber , which will fill you up and you wont wander around for munchies.
  • CHICKEN BREAST AND FISH: intake of protein will help you build the muscle and lose weight instantly . Protein will repair the muscle and leave you feeling full the entire time

5. Don’t eat diet packed food.

Candies, chocolates, chips, pastries, deep- fried anything or white bread. These food will give you more calories and won’t leave your stomach full . They will just add to the fat content instead of removing it .

6. Exercise more

When it comes to weight lose , the more you move the more calories you burn . Working out is way more effective than what you eat. A 30 min walk with a little bit of exercise will help you lose that weight .

7. Add more to your exercise

You don’t have to become a gym freak for this. With the right amount of calorie intake and few exercising that target the specific muscle you will lose weight instantly.

  • Crunches(for abs)
  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Bicep-curls.

always opt multi joint movements.


8. Don’t freak out

Even if you don’t lose weight instantly , don’t freak out . Always keep your cool and look at the bigger picture. Every one has a different body type and will respond to the plan differently . Don’t lose hope and be motivated but remember – What ever you do for the weight loss, never ever compromise your health .



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