6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever

6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever
6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever

6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever, Its Weird But Its True!

Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in Humans whereby two people get to know each other better and share a strong bond.(6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever)

Dating is not easy, its really a hard task. To impress women is always challenging. Dating involves risks, rules and fails too.

Being in a relationship is a good feeling, But getting success on that is challenging.

Most of the relationship fails sometimes because their spouse is not faithful or they are not ready to take any commitments.

Therefore, we have listed down the rules that actually ruins the relationship, so that you don’t commit these mistakes and live a happy life.

1.Because Some Girls are too Lavish and some boys are too Poor:

6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever

Some girls are expensive. And it’s True!! You have to pay for something you Want. Everything is not Free 😉 Dating is indeed not so easy.

6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever.

2.Your Attitude Speaks a Lot!!

6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever

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3. Pretending to be What You Are Not :

6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever

This is the most common problem that a relationship suffers from. On First date night, sitting across each other, You people are there to Know each other properly not to fool each other.

Be true and show your true side instead of showing your fake side. This makes your partner feel special and true for you. Don’t hesitate to speak about him/her. Be true and be confident!

4. Pet Lovers:

6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever

Many people love their pets more than their boyfriend!

He: Ok, Let me make One thing Clear. I don’t love your dog. I know You do. But he doesn’t love me AT ALL! But I Love You. Please let’s move him out.

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She: It’s a CAT!! I love her. No Further Arguments.

It’s very hard to date a girl who is a cat lover. They cant leave her cat even during S**.

5.6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever

Yes, its said true, dating a woman and impressing a woman is not so easy.You will end up hurting yourself. These Women are good until they find some other man more interesting than you.

Did you plan a surprise for her? She too has a surprise for you! Breakup!

6. 6 Of The Epic Dating Fails Ever

Every Relationship starts with a fairytale love stories. Moments of togetherness. Spending Quality yet romantic time with your spouse, that is called the honeymoon period of the relationship.

After years of relationship. We all don’t do the things that we actually used to do that make him/her more upset.

Therefore, Many relationships end Up here.

Dating is Indeed Difficult. Very Difficult!

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