10 Minutes for Freedom

Has it ever crossed your mind why a vacation or a road trip is something we often crave for? why it can make a huge difference in your daily life routines? Well it’s high time for you to reflect upon your past and present mental patterns, just a fraction of a second is all you need and  I bet you will get your answer in no time. Just sit back and give ten minutes to yourself. This is no meditation or yoga technique….. its self-reflection!

Well I figured it out the same way. October 28th 4:30 p.m. sitting back with a cup of coffee, after six months of overseas training,  reflecting onto my thoughts a realization struck me in those ten minutes…. i was missing something in my life. Was it loneliness? Was it the need for affection?

A big NO!! It was change, a change from routine and all the possible stuff going on in my mind. Needed a cherry on the cake. So with that curiosity a road trip was planned in just 45 minutes, lot of calls and texts flying around the city and we were all set.

October 29th, me along with four others in a hatchback car all ready to set the roads on fire. Headed towards a farm house in the woods, being the TYPICAL boys our plan was all about having fun. Around 7:30 am we started off, the destination was three hours away from the city but totally worth the journey! The first hour was all about energetic singing, fooling around  and cursing each other on the top of our voices as is the case the boys come together after a long long time. Soon came along the awestruck beauty of nature, huge baggy trees on both sides of the road and a cool, pleasant wind blowing on my face. The climate is usually chilled in my hometown as the sea level is high and is surrounded with deep thick reserves.

The only sound I could hear was the friction of the tires against the road. And in my mind was a hoard of thoughts gushing continuously. The serenity of the environment and the chaos in my mind contrasted each other. I felt stuck in between something unable to figure out what and why?. “Shuuush”, I told myself “give it a minute”.

Closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. Paused for couple of seconds and then came to reality, the only time when I was in the present moment… neither past nor future. Realized that the car is time and the surroundings are my thoughts. Time flies by but thoughts don’t,eventually realized that I can’t stop time but can definitely control my thoughts that were stagnating over time . It was from the trees that i learnt that however high you soar, your feet are still deep rooted within your motherland, the friction taught me that difficulties are inevitable but things can be worked out pretty well and the most important realization of the day was that at times we need to snap out of our mind chatter and just be  yourself.

Ten minutes of coffee taught me to get HIGH ON LIFE ALWAYS(#HoLa) for every single moment you cherish with yourself. Each and every thing be it animate or inanimate has a role to play in your life, it’s just that we humans these days are so engrossed in our social life that we have forgotten to give time to oneself. Those 10 minutes changed my outlook towards life.

Propaganda here is to be in someone else’s  shoes (#BASIcK). Think over every instance, relate, adapt and enjoy the small things that happen to you.