10 Best Bizarre Home Remedies That Actually Work

home remedies that actually work

We already know a lot of Home Remedies that actually work .

But we have got no time to try any of these . With the world moving faster than the speed of light (lol) ,we really need to think a  little about ourselves. But what if we told you that some Home remedies that actually work are just sitting on your kitchen cabinet.

You can fix your dandruff, whiten your teeth, cure nausea and even fix smelly feet with these home remedies that actually work.


Now let’s look at the 10 best bizarre Home remedies that actually work.

1. Try vegetable oil for weak nails

home remedies that actually work

Every one knows that nail maintenance is time consuming but for people out these who are trying to grow there nails, the problem increases. Brittle nails is a real life problem . But did you know that only a few drops of vegetable oil can give you stronger nails? This is one of the home remedies that actually work. All you have to do is apply/massage vegetable oil to your nails and wrap your hands in a plastic wrap. This way the oil will penetrate to your skin.

2. Vodka helps cure smelly feet.

home remedies that actually work

If you are someone who is afraid to open your shoes in front of people (because of the smell), then we have got you covered. Dip a cloth in vodka and clean your feet with that cloth , you will be left with happy, non-stinky feet. Also, you could just put some powder in your shoes .

3.  Chocolate is love and it can fix dry skin too

home remedies that actually work

The is our favorite home remedies that actually work wonders(you can eat the remedy as well ). Just melt some chocolate in a pan and add few drops of olive oil to it . Apply this mixture to your face and leave for 15-20 minutes . Chocolate will leave your skin softer and shiny.

4. Onion juice works wonders for hair fall and hair growth.

home remedies that actually work

As bizarre as it sounds, this actually works for most people. Just massage some onion juice to your scalp and rinse off with mild shampoo. You can use egg and curd for soft and shiny hair.

5. Ease out nausea with ginger

home remedies that actually work

Ginger helps break up and release intestinal gas. Your mom was right all the time . You could just eat raw ginger (if you can) or can make ginger tea.

6. Beat migraine pain with sex

Studies show that 43% of the people found relief in their migraine after having sex. But lets just not go by the motions . Some also accepted that the only relief they could get was after orgasm .

7. Vanish those pimples with toothpaste

home remedies that actually work

Have a pimple ? We have got you covered. Just apply toothpaste to the pimple and within a few days or day , you will have pimple free perfect skin . You can even apply Candid B cream on your pimples .

8.Heal cracked heels

home remedies that actually work

Heal your cracked heels with krazy glue. No amount of moisturizer will bring the crack together and hold it. Just soak your feet in water for a few mins, apply good amount of moisturizer and dab krazy glue on the cracks . This will do the trick instantly but the real challenge will be to avoid getting the glue on your hands.

9. Have aerated drinks to cure acidity.

home remedies that actually work

Acidity is the most uncomfortable and feels like a heat burn in the body . If you are the kind of person frequently troubled by acidity then have a aerated drink. No medicine would work better than the drink .

10. Drink beer to beat the hangover

home remedies that actually work

As weird as it sounds , this home remedy actually works( from personal experience) . Have a pint of beer and you will be free from the hangover from last night . Just remember alcohol beats more alcohol.



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